Bodrum Turkey


Situated in a strategic location on the point of a peninsula of the same name, Bodrum Turkey is a jewel of a city in Muğla Province in Turkey’s southern Aegean Region. Thanks to the interest shown in Bodrum by a group of leading Turkish intellectuals, the city has grown exponentially and today enjoys a reputation as one of the country’s top resort and holiday destinations.

Bodrum Turkey has something to offer everyone, from visitors interested in history to those looking for a crazy party, from individuals lost in the world of travel to families on vacation from their day to day norm. With exceptional summer weather and winters both mild and sunny, Bodrum can be experienced at any time of the year.

Its beaches are pristine and warm, and diverse enough to suit any occasion. Visitors will find beaches shallow and calm or deep and windy, and anytime is a good time to partake in a boat excursion to hidden beaches and uninhabited islands. Indeed, the city is perfectly located for outings to any of a number of awesome nearby sites.

Besides the superb surrounds that include quaint fishing villages and ancient ruins, Bodrum center is dotted with many interesting sights. The Castle of St Peter watches over the bay as it has for centuries, beckoning visitors to learn more about the history of the once small town. Nearby lay the ruins of one of the Seven Wonder of the Ancient World, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus. Then there is the Roman amphitheater, which for the lucky arrivals might be hosting a live performance.

But entertainment options are always available, with plenty of live-music venues and festivals throughout the year. Bodrum is well-prepared for influxes of visitors, with high-class establishments for fine Turkish cuisine, and its narrow and intricate streets hide precious shops where all things Turkish are sold.

Bodrum’s small size means getting around is easy, whether by foot, dolmus or scooter. Taxis run all night to serve the party-goers, who will enjoy Bodrum’s Bar Street and themed pubs and clubs. The city is safe, and there are plenty of hotel accommodations to choose from.

Welcome to dashing Bodrum Turkey.


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