Introducing Turkey

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Sitting at the crossroads of civilizations, Turkey has always held an important position in the shaping of world civilizations. Its beautiful lands had been fought over for millennia, and the constant shift of peoples has resulted in modern day diversity that is hard to find elsewhere on the planet.

As the gateway to either Europe or Asia, depending on which way the traveler is going, Turkey boasts a unique cultural legacy of melding and transformation. Today, Turkey is a nation that is growing rapidly, fast becoming one of the world’s premier destinations not only for international visitors but also for international conferences and meetings.

Visitors to Turkey will be awe-struck by its magnificence. Stretching over 1,600 kilometers from the border with Iran in the east to the western border with Greece, Turkey occupies an area that sees a variety of climates that have shaped it into the diverse land it is today. Marvels such as Cappadocia and the thermal springs at Pamukkale attest to that diversity, and from the mountain peaks like that of Mount Ararat to the Mediterranean and Black Sea shores, Turkey both scrapes the heights of the world and dips its feet into the sea.

In addition to its geological palette, the country also boasts a culture that is well-established in history while also dabbling in the luxuries of modern global trends. Turkey’s cities are testament to its attractive polarization, from the modern capital of Ankara to the cosmopolitan metropolis of Istanbul, technically Europe’s largest city. Istanbul’s skyscrapers and modern buildings hint at a country on the move while its old streets and famous constructions like the Hagia Sofia harken back to antiquity. Indeed, much of the country is part of an unending stream of archaeological wonders that will keep the curious thirsty for more.

And when it comes to cuisine, Turkey offers a culinary tradition that owes its delicatessen to ages of influences. Visitors will at once enjoy 5-star luxury dining while also being able to sample street food like the shawarma or fresh pomegranate drinks.

Finally, it is easy to see anything and everything with Turkey’s well-established bus companies and Turkish Airlines, which is the fastest growing airline in the world. Whether it’s pristine Aegean beaches or ancient ruins of Antalya or Ephesus that interest the traveler most, it’s all within ready reach.

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