Feriye Restaurant, Istanbul


Situated on the Bosporus in Ortakoy, Istanbul, the Feriye restaurant was opened in 1997. The restaurant offers authentic Turkish and Ottoman cuisine in its five separate halls, and has a terrace where you can enjoy views of Bosporus in the winter and summer. There are also meeting and convention halls. This restaurant puts attention on the food rather than its decoration. Dishes with olive oil, lamb, turbot saffron are the most popular varieties of the menu. The Feriye Restaurant is known by its natural and organic foods. For this reason the menu is changed according to season to serve seasonal foods. This restaurant is frequented by foreign government protocols visiting Turkey. The Feriye Restaurant received many awards from local and foreign institutions.

Address: Çırağan Cad. No: 40 Ortaköy – 34347 İSTANBUL
Telelphone : +90 212 227 2216
Fax: +90 212 236 5799
E-mail: feriye@feriye.com
Website: http://www.feriye.com

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