Turkish Culture & Art

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Cultural structure of Turkey is formed by the accumulation of very rich and diverse cultures from the depths of history. Turkey, due to its geographical location in Eastern, Western, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Islamic Culture, is in the centre of different cultures. All these make Turkish culture & art one of the richest in the world.

Anatolia, which is one of the oldest residential areas of the world, has a rare and rich cultural diversity because of the influence of many different cultures and thousand years old history. It is possible to see the cultural differences even in the in the residential areas close to each other.


Turkish is the native language of 90% of Turkey’s population. There are other 70 languages and dialects such as Caucasian, Kurdish, Arabic, Greek, Latin and Armenian spoken in Turkey.

The founder of modern Republic  of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, believed that the utilization of Western culture would help Turkey reach the level of contemporary civilization, and for this purpose, instead of Arabic alphabet, he allowed the adoption of the Latin alphabet modified to reflect the sound of Turkish in 1928.

National Holidays

In Turkey, National Holidays are celebrated in an atmosphere of festival in the towns and cities.  Some of the national holidays include the Victory Day (30th August), the Republic Day (29th October), the Independence Day (different in each city), and these days are celebrated with military parades, lantern processions, etc. The Zeybeks attend the celebration with their special demonstrations and folk costumes.

Religious Holidays

According to the Islamic calendar or Hijri calendar, following religious holidays are celebrated in Turkey.

Ramadan Bairam (Feast) (in Turkish Ramazan or Şeker Bayramı): This holiday is celebrated for 3 days just after the end of Islamic month Ramadan (the ninth month of the Islamic calendar or the ninth month in the lunar year). Ramadan month moves 10 days backwards every year. In the whole Ramadan month the fasting is mandatory for Muslims.

Sacrifice Feast (in Turkish Kurban Bayramı): 4 days religious holiday, celebrated 70 days after the end of Islamic month Ramadan.

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